Red Bull Paper Wings is back!

Red Bull Paper Wings

8 universities and many students across Egypt are preparing for Red Bull Paper Wings, the world's premiere paper airplane competition. Red Bull Paper Wings is a simple, yet ingenious concept: make a plain sheet of paper fly as far, as long or as artistically through the air as possible. 2012 proved to be one of the most active international competitions between 83 participating countries and 37,000 students, all meeting for the world championships at Hangar 7 for a showdown of the world's best paper airplane pilots.

Knowledge, creativity, and nimble fingers will guide the construction of your paper aircraft, and each will be put to the test on college campuses across the country, as pilots will be judged in three unique categories:

Longest distance: how far the paper plane travels through the air
Longest airtime: how long the paper plane remains in the air
Aerobatics: creativeness and artistic presentation the plane and thrower

3 national finalists from MIU & AAST made it to the Global Finals in 2012, and 3 national finalists will earn a spot again this year in the Global Finals at Hanger-7 in Salzburg, Austria on May 8-9, 2015.

Prepare you minds, bodies, and stacks of standard A4 paper, Red Bull Paper Wings 2015 is about to take flight…