Red Bull Paper Wings Qualiflying Chandigarh

Chandrayan must have made you proud last year; but this year, you have a chance to build your own Chandrayan. This Spring, we’re back with our newest edition of Red Bull Paper Wings. As a kid, if you’ve ever folded a piece of paper and turned it in to a most aerodynamic flying wing, then Red Bull Paper Wings is for you.

This year’s qualifiers are going to take place across 10 cities all over India.

During the event you’ll be able to compete against other students in three disciplines:
- Longest Airtime
- Longest Distance
- Aerobatics

So come over and fold some paper wings; and if you happen to fly it the longest, the furthest or in the most aerobatic manner; you’ll get a chance to fly to the World Finale at Hangar-7 in Salzburg, Austria!