21. May 2015

Bulgarian engineer talks about titles, making friends & winning

15. May 2015

Team Hong Kong sets a new mark with 21 Points

14. May 2015

Ivanov is the Winner of “Long Distance” of the Red Bull Paper Wings World Final 2015

13. May 2015

Avedis Tchamitchian (LEB) is the Winner of “Aerobatics” of the Red Bull Paper Wings World Final 2015

12. May 2015

Karen Hambardzumyan (ARM) is the Winner of “Longest Airtime” of the Red Bull Paper Wings World Final 2015

10. May 2015

No kerosene, no engine, just a regular A4 sheet of paper and a pilot throwing it, is enough for a spectacular weekend

09. May 2015

Paper plane pilots fold’n fly in Hangar-7

08. May 2015

Thousands of paper planes took to the air at the iconic Hangar–7

08. May 2015

The best moments from 535 national competitions in 80 countries

07. May 2015

Residenz Palace in old town hosts opening cermony

05. May 2015

Timing / Location / Directions

01. May 2015

All clear for Red Bull Paper Wings 2015 takeoff

28. April 2015

2012 Aerobatics Champion Ryan Naccarato shows in a fun clip how to do it

26. April 2015

Peggy Walentin, Ken Blackburn and John Collins introduce themself in a short interview

24. April 2015

Record Holders, Olympic Champion & Daredevils will be judging in Hangar-7

13. April 2015

The book for active and aspiring paper plane pilots.

08. April 2015

It’s the return of the high-flying competition Red Bull Paper Wings, the only contest where a paper airplane could take you around the world.

01. April 2015

The 2012 Aerobatics Champion firmly set his sights on the 2015 title to add to his trophy cabinet

27. March 2015

From Red Bull Paper Wings longest distance champion to professional golfer and back

19. March 2015

With dimensions of one hundred meters in length, sixty seven meter wingspan and almost fifteen meters high at the highest point, the Hangar-7 is also ideal to act as the venue for the Red Bull Paper Wings World Final 2015.

04. December 2014

Ground control to pilots: All clear for Red Bull Paper Wings 2015 takeoff

Ближайшие проекты
Longest Airtime
祺彦 何 (CHN)
14.53 SEC
Karol Gut (POL)
14.22 SEC
이정욱 서강대학교 (KOR)
14.19 SEC
Longest Distance
Giovanni Mamea (NZL)
59.00 M
Addison Asuchak (CAN)
57.70 M
Joshua Steward (NZL)
53.00 M
Dragomir Roussev (BUL)
30.00 PT
Mauricio Gonzalez (MEX)
30.00 PT
Dennis George (IRL)
30.00 PT
Longest Airtime
Николай Рыбасов (RUS)
8.60 SEC
Longest Distance
Александр Чербаев (RUS)
35.38 M
Евгений Бобер (RUS)
28.00 PT