Red Bull Paper Wings Qualiflyer – Boston


Please note the event is occurring TONIGHT, Monday April 6th at 7 PM in the MIT Student Center, Lobdell (2nd Floor). See you then!

Prepare your minds, stretch your fingers, and stack your sheets of A4 paper, Red Bull Paper Wings is coming to you!

Red Bull Paper Wings will host a national Qualiflyer in Boston for Boston College, Boston University, Northeastern University, Harvard, MIT and University of New Hampshire students with pilots competing in the following disciplines:

Longest Distance
Longest Airtime

Check in below or bring your stationery aeronautical skills to the MIT Student Center, Lobdell (2nd Floor) at 7 PM on Monday, April 6th, 2015. See if you have what it takes to represent the USA at the Global Finals at Hangar-7 in Salzburg, Austria!

Ground control to pilots, prepare for takeoff…

Click the USA flag to check in to your Qualiflyer!