Chodyra Designed a Completely New Model

The last time Tomasz Chodyra (POL) participated at the Red Bull Paper Wings World Final he won the illustrious aerobatics title and as defending champion he has firmly set his sights on the 2015 title to add to his trophy cabinet.

You won the title for aerobatics in 2012. How have things developed since then?
Since then I have developed several new models and my goal is to win the competition again. But the Red Bull Paper Wings above all is a great opportunity to meet amazing people and have fun. I cannot wait to go Salzburg!

How has your training changed after your title win? What have you tried to work on?
I tried to create a completely new model. Auxiliary materials shall not be considered except for glue and load. I think in Salzburg I will present completely new designs.

What do you expect when you return to defend your title and how will you go further than the previous time?
I hope to show a very good show and win again. In aerobatics it is all about performance, interaction with the judges and the spectators. I am ready for it.

Sounds like you will show us another outstanding show at Hangar-7 in Salzburg. Is it the ultimate playground for you?
Red Bull Paper Wings is both fun as well serious competition. I am always very happy to go back to Hangar-7 because it's just such an amazing place.

What would be a perfect competition for you in May?
I admit that I hope to repeat the success of three years ago. In order to win you have to show something new and interesting, and that's exactly my plan.