Tomas Beck eyes 60m throw

From Red Bull Paper Wings longest distance champion to professional golfer and back, Tomas Beck hopes his work with the driver and putter have helped his swing, and strength as he returns to Salzburg to defend his 2012 title.

You won the title for longest distance in 2012. How have things developed since then?
Since then, a lot has changed for me. I finished high school, I became a professional golfer, and because of my success in Red Bull Paper Wings I was on several national TV shows. I was also on more events as a guest, usually related to kids and students. It was so cool to be a world champion. It is not something everyone can say.

How has your training changed after your title win? What have you tried to work on?
Since I am a professional golfer, sportsman, my daily routine is hard work both in the gym and on the golf course so as to improve. So there was not much time in the last month throwing paper planes. But all I do is for my benefit. Strength, swing, core, stability … It is now a few months into the championship, so I ask a friend who trains in athletics to help me and I'll throw the spear again and custom paper planes to improve technique and win again.

What do you expect when you return to defend your title at the Red Bull Paper Wings World Final 2015 and how will you go further than the previous time?
I think it's a fabulous atmosphere again. The Official Opening Ceremony, wearing my traditional national dress is not only fun, it is great. This year I'll be the favourite, so I'm going to enjoy it from this perspective and I'll try to throw really far.

Another great experience at Hangar-7. Is it the ultimate playground for you?
Yes there is a lot of interesting things there. The atmosphere is just great. Motor sports, planes, helicopters, flying jets. Also the international atmopshere, all the different languages. Everyone speaks English, so I like to exercise and speak English too. And of course the official party on the final day of the competition, it is a way to get acquainted with the others here. So just a great chance to enjoy everything.

What would be a perfect competition for you and what is the dream distance you would to see your sheet of paper fly?
I am looking forward to aerobatics, the best ones are really good. But I'm too.I wish I can throw over 50 meters to get into the super finals. And then I hope to throw 60 metres and win the title again!