The World’s Best Paper Planes

The book for active and aspiring paper plane pilots.

Paper planes have long emerged from classrooms and are currently conquering airspace by transforming into a fascinating sport for everyone. No matter how much of a rookie you are – with the help of various folding techniques and detailed instructions you’ll be able to fold a proper paper airplane in a heartbeat.

Ten of the coolest Red Bull Paper Wings planes are explained and described in detail for you to copy, such as the record-breaking planes by John Collins, Ken Blackburn and Takuo Toda.

But flying paper planes is not just about folding a solid plane, it depends on quite a few other criteria that are just as important, such as the throwing technique and the best posture for it, nutrition, training conditions and physical basics like lift and air drag.
You’ll learn more about the history of (paper) aviation and Red Bull Paper Wings, including past years records and the official tournament rules.

Finally, there’s 25 sheets of official Red Bull Paper Wings contest paper.
Now that you’re all geared up – find your favourite plane, fold it as shown and let it fly. And keep in mind: The goal is to fly, not to land.

“The World’s Best Paper Planes” is available in English and German in bookstores everywhere for 9,95 €.
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