The Mighty Ivanov

Bulgarian engineer talks about titles, making friends & winning the Red Bull Paper Wings World Finals 2015

Veselin Ivanov stunned favourite and title defender Thomas Beck to be crowned winner in the longest distance category with a 53.22m throw. An engineer by profession Veselin pledges to back in 2018 to defend his crown at the Red Bull Paper Wings World Finals.

How did you rate your performance at the Red Bull Paper Wings World Finals 2015?
It was a very hard competition, a lot of tough competitors who had a lot more experience, like Jovica Kozlica for example. He was a very hard opponent and so was Thomas Beck, who tried to defend his title. These were tough people to beat.

Did you expect to come out on top and how was you preparation?
To tell you the truth: No! I did not expect to win exactly because of the tough competition. My performance was better than 2012. I think after the first throw in the pre-elimination with 47 metres I was kind of happy but I knew it could throw more. I know there was more in it for me and I knew that I was able to win. I was preparing in Bulgaria after the national qualifications with my friends and we were training in a sports centre at the university. I was doing my training exercises and had my measuring tape with me all the time.

What did you see different from the 2012 finals?
In 2012 there were a lot of competitors who were very tough and more experienced than me like Thomas Beck at the time.

What were your impressions on the Red Bull Paper Wings World Finals and the 2018 title defence?
The complete event was absolutely amazing. I met so many people, made so many new friends and that’s what made me most happy. I will now continue my work as an engineer and when the time comes the 2018 world finals a month maybe two or three in advance I think I will go to back to my university sports centre to prepare and defend my title.


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